Exclusive Management on a path to reduce smoking among employees

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Exclusive Capital Research Team

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Exclusive Management on a path to reduce smoking among employees

Following a great effort from Exclusive Capital's management team to reduce smoking among employees during 2019, the company`s directors have decided to grant additional 5 days paid annual leave as a reward to those employees who make an effort not to smoke or to quit smoking.

As an addition, the management team has gifted to smokers a smoke-free device as an alternative to cigarettes, in an effort to encourage and aid in quitting smoking. Research has shown that smokers are far more likely than non-smokers to get various health related illnesses like heart disease, lung cancer, emphysema and other. According to the newest international studies, a complete transition from cigarettes to smoke-free devices reduces the risk of developing tobacco related diseases. Research suggests that usage of smoke-free devices reduces body`s exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

Investing in physical and mental well-being of the personnel is one of the Exclusive Capital's top priorities, and we hope that the New Year will bring lots of positive changes, and a bit of effort will make a difference and encourage more healthy lifestyle choices.

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