Grounded on the same founding values that shaped the Exclusive Change brand into its success.

From a small currency exchange shop in the heart of Budapest, to an international investment organization.


Established in 1990, the founder of Exclusive Change, Mr. Gyula Madarasz grasped the opportunity to establish a currency exchange business right after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the opening of international boarders for free trade. Given that Hungary is surrounded by seven independent countries, all with their own currencies, the currency exchange business in Hungary was a golden opportunity at the time.



By the year 2000 construction and development was rapidly unfolding in Hungary and throughout Europe. The development and popularity of shopping malls was also taking place. Exclusive Change recognised this growth. Committed to its vision at the time of becoming the strongest currency exchange brand in the country, it took action. It steered away from high street location and opened shops in as many shopping malls as possible.


Exclusive Change has successfully realized its initial vision and has become the strongest and most popular currency exchange organization in Hungary. Year by year it has consistently outperformed its revenue expectations and has successfully expanded in the neighbouring countries of Croatia, Austria, Serbia and, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has also joined forces with the renowned money remittance service provider Western Union, becoming Master Agents in Hungary and Croatia.



Moving into the future, Viktor Madarasz is following in his father’s footsteps with Gyula Madarasz by his side offering wisdom and guidance. Grounded on the same founding values of trust, honesty and loyalty, the new vision is to evolve Exclusive into an international investment organization committed on quality and with the aim of exceeding client expectations.